York Youth Coalition

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A Coalition of youth servicing agencies, organizations and community leaders working together to better serve youth in the former City of York.


The Strong Neighbourhoods Task Force, a joint project of the United Way of Greater Toronto and the City of Toronto, with the support of the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario, released a report in June 2005, “A Call to Action” – long-term, multi-pronged solutions for stronger neighbourhoods in Toronto. The City of Toronto identified thirteen priority neighbourhoods across the City as neighbourhoods that would require the formation of Neighbourhood Action Teams (NATs). The purpose of the NATs is to support integrated City service planning and delivery from a neighbourhood perspective. Neighbourhood Action Teams (NATs), composed primarily of City of Toronto staff, and community agencies and service providers.
(Source: Communities Committee Report: CC:2006-16)
In the fall of 2006 the York Youth Coalition was formed; it is comprised of over 15 youth serving agencies, working in the “former City of York” and supported by the City of Toronto Neighbourhood Action Team (NAT). Part of our mandate is to coordinate, collaborate and partner as a collective while providing support and services to youth aged 13-29.
We feel that youth need to be involved in after-school evening programming. York South Weston has a higher number of children/youth living in poverty as compared to the City of Toronto, as well as higher numbers of youth involved in criminal activities compared to the rest of Toronto; there is a strong correlation between racialized youth and the lack of opportunities in mainstream society



Advocate that racialized and ethno-cultural youth living in the “former City of York” access relevant services and supports as and when needed.


Identify, strategize, and assist with the start up of new programs working from an anti-oppression framework….


Work with partner agencies and organizations to enhance programs and services currently being delivered


Ensure that cultural sensitivity and appropriateness is embedded and applied in relation to all cultural, sub-cultural and faith groups within the communities that the YYC serves


Keep community groups up-to-date and informed regarding any relevant issues, while developing partnerships and communication strategies for youth-led service integration